"Configuraciones" Solo show in Bogota Colombia 2017 

Marcello Castellani, born in Cali, Colombia in 1989, and currently based in Berlin, Germany, is a painter who explores human duality. Since the beginning of his career in 2014, he has sought to capture the sensitivity evoked by human expressions, with portraiture being his most recurrent subject. 
His desire to intertwine chaos and order within a single image translates into a constant duality present in his work that takes the viewer on a journey into the depths of human existence. As a master of light and darkness, Castellani metaphorically utilizes these elements to emphasize that light cannot exist without darkness and that both coexist with inner selves. 
With the ability to work from traditional techniques such as painting and drawing to digital and experimental methods, Castellani harnesses both artistic legacy and contemporary possibilities to create unique and thought-provoking artworks. His talent has led him to exhibit in renowned art capitals such as New York, Berlin,  Barcelona, Prague, and Brussels.

"Configuraciones" - Casa Museo Grau, Bogotá, Colombia
"Behind the Eyes" - 149 Ludlow st, Manhattan NY - USA
“Identidades Condicionadas” - Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


“We art Colombia" - Gallery 21 - Tokyo, Japan
“Bouncy" - Hause Huth - framework of Berlinale 2023 – Berlin, Germany

“ART3F 2019” - Van Gogh Gallery Madrid – Brussels, Belgium
“Art Problems” - Beatbot Gallery, Bogotá - Colombia
“Let me be Great”  - The UnSpace, Dumbo, New York - USA

"Hello Bushwick" - 1089 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, USA
"WE ART COLOMBIA” - Colombian consulate Gallery – Manhattan, New York - USA
"90 Mickey The True Original” - Darte Social– Bogotá, Colombia
"Ruteros” - Colectivo Faenza, Latin Art Gallery - Praga, Chec Republik
"Exploraciones”  - Colectivo Faenza, Galería Aurora Andrea Walker - Bogotá Colombia

"Flesh Pintura Visceral" - Galería CasaCano, Bogotá, Colombia

"Lenguajes en Papel" - Galeria El Museo, Bogotá, Colombia
"Festival yaveria" -  La Republica, Bogota, Colombia

"AES Art Emergent" - Academy of Fine Arts in Sabadell, Sabadell, Spain
"Espectros" - Modus Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
"Salón Arte Joven Colsanitas" - NueveOchenta Gallery, Bogotá Colombia
"Tour 4-10" - Espacio Cabrera 3641, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Tour 4-10" Peppersoul, Casa 9-69, Bogotá, Colombia
"Tour 4-10", Rojo Bermelo, Mexico D.F

"Antídoto" - Espacio Casa Blanca, Bogotá, Colombia
"GRAPHEIN Mineral Sabio" - La Caja Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia
"We Art Festival Barcelona" - Transforma BCN, Barcelona, Spain
"MalEntendidos" - Leun’un Arte Habitación, Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico
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